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How to Manage Your Container Auction Account

11.09.2011 - Posted by Updated On 11.09.2011    

The system was custom designed to be a comprehensive and intuitive tool for both container buyers and sellers. As we developed the system we worked closely with traders, leasing companies, and shipping lines to provide quick access to the most relevant information. Once your account is approved you'll have full access to a wide array of tools built to help you better manage your business and stay informed of the market.

The main page of all accounts provides an easy reference for the most recent account activity including bids, messages, and new listings. Buyers are provided a list of recently added containers that may be of interest to them, and sellers are able to see the last 10 searches on the website as well . This page also provides a menu to all account specific pages. This menu contains the following items:

My Details: Allows you to update your biographical information, email address, physical address, and other contact information.

Listings, Saved Searches, and Alerts: On this page you can track all of your saved listings and searches, your subscriptions, and auction related notifications such as outbid notices, and saved listing notifications.

Messages: All communication between buyers and seller is stored on this page.

Buying (appears only in buyer accounts): All of your historical buying and bidding information can be found here. Auctions that you've won, lost, or bids on active container listings is available. The submenu items under buying are:

  • All Buying: All historical bidding activity.
  • Open Bids: All outstanding bids on live container auctions.
  • Won/Purchased: Container listings that you've either won in an auction or purchased through the "Buy Now" feature.
  • Didn't Win: All closed listings that you did not finish as the highest bidder on


ContainerAuction Menu

Selling (appears only in seller accounts): All container sales and listing information is outlined under this menu set. Both successful sales and expired listings that didn't sell can be found here.

  • All Selling: All historical sales information can be found on this page.
  • Unconfirmed Listings: Containers that you have listed for sale/auction but not yet confirmed.
  • Active Listings: Live container auctions that are currently active.
  • Closed Listings: Container listings that have closed and were successfully sold are listed here.
  • Expired Listings: Listings that did not sell, or did not reach the reserve amount.

Container Requests: Anonymous sellers can request that containers be posted. Typically this happens when they have a desire for containers that are not listed on the site. All requests are found here. Clicking on them allows a seller to create a new listing that meets these needs.

My Depots (Sellers only): All container depots or storage areas that you have created can be managed on this page.

Reviews: Following the purchase of a container listing buyers and sellers have the ability to review each other on communication, quality, and accuracy of the description. All reviews related to your account can be found here.

Help Guides: Both buyers and sellers have full access to the ContainerAuction Wiki. The wiki is a live document that serves as a users manual for all sections relating to the site. It changes regularly and is a good resource if you have a question that you can't answer.

We're continually working to integrate more features into the site, such as this one, to provide the best possible containers to you in a simple, easy to understand format. If you have any suggestions for new features that you'd like to see just contact us and we'll reply as quickly as possible

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