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How to Move a Shipping Container

25.06.2016 - Posted by Updated On 25.06.2016    

Shipping containers are traditionally moved on a standard chassis and pulled behind a semi-truck, and in some cases are transported on a flatbed trailer. However in non-shipping use they need to be moved on something smaller and more nimble so the container can be put directly onto the ground, and in some cases picked up and moved to another location.

If the shipping container is located at a facility that has a forklift or crane, it can be really easy to move the container to a new location. For example, if you’ve purchased a container at large container yard or depot they should be able to load the container directly onto a tilt bed trailer or straight truck.

Once on the trailer it can simply be towed to the target location and unloaded at the place where it’s needed.
The problem comes when someone decides that they’d like it in another location, and neither location has a forklift or crane on site. If this occurs, there are three main options: Rent a forklift or crane and have it delivered to the site, then lift the container onto the trailer. Rent or hire a driver of a hi-ab style truck and trailer so that the truck will come with a crane attached to it. Or find a skilled driver that can pick up a container without either.

The first two options, renting a forklift or crane, or finding a hi-ab truck, typically involve extra costs and large trucks that may not be able to navigate to remote areas or drive on smaller roads or mountain roads with switch backs.

The third option, finding a skilled driver with a tilt bed trailer requires no additional expense, only an experienced driver that is able to fully utilize his trailer. Along with the trailer the driver will need some solid wooden blocks to assist in the lift. Watch this video for more details: is an online marketplace for buying and selling intermodal shipping containers. Our sellers provide new and used shipping containers throughout the United States and around the world. To learn more about any of the active containers for sale please contact the seller directly through the listing page. If you have a general question about shipping containers feel free to contact our staff and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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