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How to Remove Odor from a Storage or Shipping Container

20.12.2021 - Posted by Updated On 14.01.2022    

There's no telling what's been inside of a used shipping container It could be coming out of China with a load of palletized toys that were nicely wrapped in plastic; electronic components boxes and stacked from Taiwan; or a load of steaming fresh garbage out of some other nation.

To be frank, most people really don not care and never think about how the inside of a shipping container smells; that is, unless they are going to be converted into some type of storage container or portable office and then it really matters.

If you have a shipping container that really stinks, here is a tip from the professionals at three easy steps you can rid your container of nearly any smell.

Step 1.Go to your local Dollar General, or similar store and buy a large jug of cheap ground coffee.

Step 2. Spread it evenly on the floor of your shipping container, and close the doors for 2 days.

Step 3. Sweep up the coffee (and reuse if you have more than one container).  Your container now smells faintly of coffee.



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