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How to Remove Odor from a Storage or Shipping Container

04.07.2013 - Posted by Updated On 04.07.2013    

There's no telling what's been inside of a used shipping container.  It could be coming out of China with a load of palletized toys that were nicely wrapped in plastic; electronic components boxes and stacked from Taiwan; or a load of steaming fresh garbage out of some other nation.

To be frank, most people really don’t care and never think about how the inside of a shipping container smells; that is, unless they’re going to be converted into some type of storage container or portable office… and then it really matters.

If you have a shipping container that really stinks, here’s a tip from the professionals at  In three easy steps you can rid your container of nearly any smell.

Step 1.  Go to your local Dollar General, or similar store and buy a large jug of cheap ground coffee.

Step 2.  Spread it evenly on the floor of your shipping container, and close the doors for 2 days.

Step 3.  Sweep up the coffee (and reuse if you have more than one container).  Your container now smells faintly of coffee.



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