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How to Request a New or Used Shipping Container

18.09.2011 - Posted by Updated On 18.09.2011    

Finding new and used shipping containers for sale can be difficult, and there are few places that aggregate information from any number of sellers.  This leaves buyer to fill out multiple forms, wait for responses, and compare the shipping containers and offers from multiple sellers.  This method can be confusing and inefficient.  To help streamline the process and reduce the confusion, a buyer can now complete a simple container request form on the website.  This request is then reviewed by staff and sent to the appropriate sellers in our database.

request a shipping container

If the seller has this inventory avaialble they can add it through the site and the buyer is instantly notified. The offers are all formatted in the same way so that they’re easier to understand compare.  They buyer is then able to purchase the container that best meets their needs.

Along with the container request form, registered buyers have access to all other features.  They’re able to send messages directly to sellers regarding their published listings, receive notifications on upcoming listings or listings that are closing soon, and build custom watch lists of target containers, just to name a few of the popular features. If you have any questions about buying and selling shipping containers online feel free to contact our staff and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

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