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How to Secure a Shipping Container to the Ground

30.07.2018 - Posted by Updated On 30.07.2018    

Under normal circumstances, a 20' or 40' shipping container doesn't need to be anchored to the ground due to their natural weight, however in some cases like areas with high winds or that are prone to tornadoes it may make sense to add some extra security to keep the containers tied down for extra strength and security. Both the solutions presented require some type of foundation or footer in each of the corners, and on this link you can read more about shipping container foundations.

Corner Casting Rebar

The corner castings are located on each of the eight corners of the shipping container and have holes on each of the sides. Iron rebar that's commonly used in concrete work can be wrapped through the holes in the corner castings and twisted to secure the container to the foundation, or simply driven deep into the ground.

Shipping Container Twistlocks

Twistlocks are the natural idea for securing a shipping container, but if you're not regularly involved with containers you may not be aware of that they are. Twistlocks are used to secure shipping containers in a stack, or to the chassis of a truck. In a residential used they could be built into a cement foundation and when the container is set in place all that needs to be done is twist the anchor and the container is locked down tight.


Steel Chains

The last option, and the one that probably requires the least amount of effort, is to simply chain the shipping container to the foundation. This can be done with heavy duty steel chain that is fished through the eyes of the corner casting. Some form of hook or bent rebar will be required on the foundation to connect the chain through.

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