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Ideas for Autumn and Winter Uses of Shipping/Storage Containers

21.10.2019 - Posted by Updated On 21.10.2019    

It's time to start thinking about winter storage again, and a new or used shipping container is a great option. Shipping containers are large enough to hold everything you can think of, and weather tight and secure enough that you can lock the doors and not have to think about it until the spring time. The three most common uses of shipping containers over the winter are toy storage, firewood enclosures, and salt/grit storage. We'll recap some articles from the past, and expand on some ideas that have been introduced before.

Summer toy storage: Canoes, bikes, motorcycle, etc.

Shipping containers are large enough to hold all of your summer toys securely; bikes, canoes, boats, ATVs, and even convertible cars (but you might need to push them in!). For winter storage, you just need to move the items in and lock the doors until spring. Rather than rehashing old ideas, you can read more about storing summer things in these two articles, Winter Storage in a Shipping Container and Winter Storage for Your Car, Boat, or ATV.

Firewood Storage

It might be a little late to dry it out, but if you've already had your firewood sitting in the sun winter storage in a shipping container will keep the snow off of it, and probably allow you some room to split it up or clean up some logs if needed.  The wood and bark will be out of the snow and rain, so no worries about causing any problems with damp firewood. To expand on this idea, check out Shipping Container Firewood Storage.

Salt or Grit Storage

Salt and grit needs to be kept clean and dry all year round, especially in winter when there is higher humidity and constant moisture in the air. A shipping container provides an ideal storage space for salt and grit, however you'll need to consider the flooring. If the salt and grit is storage directly on the plywood flooring, over time it can damage the flooring and cause it to delaminate. The ideal situation for storage of salt and grit would be in bags or barrels, and on pallets to keep it from coming into contact with the floor. Of course, some will spill out but it will be a small enough amount that it will not have a great impact. is an online marketplace and provider of new and used shipping containers throughout North America and the rest of the world. We will be attending the Intermodal Europe Expo in Hamburg, Germany again this year. The dates are November 5th to the 7th, and if you'd like to schedule a meeting you can contact us at

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