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Ideas for Recycling Shipping Containers

10.09.2017 - Posted by Updated On 10.09.2017    

Shipping containers are regularly converted and recycled, or upcycled, into projects in the secondary market. The speed and cost effective ways they can be deployed and put on site, the eco-friendly nature of the project, and the creative applications that can be constructed are limitless and can draw lots of attention and publicity. The obvious uses are commercial and residential storage units, and the more advanced uses are modular conversion projects and shipping container pools.

Residential Storage Units

Residential storage units are one of the most popular uses of shipping containers. It can either be on a farm or ranch, or a private residence, people are increasingly using shipping containers for on-site storage units. Shipping containers are popular for residential storage because they can be deployed quickly, in some cases avoid building permits, and are highly durable for long periods of time. Shipping containers are also very secure and are great for keeping rodents, animals, and thieves outside, and all of the stored contents inside.

Commercial Storage Units

Commercial storage units are similar to residential storage units, however they tend to be accessed more frequently and can be found in either industrial areas or construction areas, and retail shopping centers. Commercial storage typically needs to be flexible, portable, and highly secure. Retail shopping centers are a prime example of companies that need quick, flexible storage based on seasonal needs. Take for example holiday shopping, storages only require the additional storage for three months out of the year and given how cost sensitive retail sales are to the proper use of square footage, it only makes sense to maximize sales space. Shipping containers provide the expandable storage needed for these types of companies. commercial shipping container storage

Modular Conversion Projects (Container Offices, Buildings, and Cabins)

Shipping containers make great building blocks for modular structures and conversion units.  We've seen shipping containers converted into everything from restaurants and hydroponic farms, to office buildings and mixed use commercial/retail units. Without going into too much specific detail, it's best to hire a professional engineer and builder familiar with shipping containers to help with any project than try it out as an inexperienced "do it yourself" builder.

Shipping Container Pools

shipping container pool By far, one of the most creative ideas that we've seen is converting a shipping container into an above ground pool. This has happened in a few different places, and the one in the pictures in one that we visited in Denver, Colorado. In an office complex just north of Denver, the management company built an above ground pool with surrounding sun deck to host the employees of companies located in the complex. This isn't just a shipping container lined and filled with water, there's also a full pump house and cleaning system installed just as would be with any standard pool. Genius idea.

The active sellers on's marketplace are regularly involved with shipping container conversion projects in several areas around the United States. Projects have ranged from simple door and window additions to large cabins and custom storage units. If you have specific questions about an active shipping container listing, 20', 40', or 40' high cube, feel free to contact the seller through the active listings. If you have a general question about shipping containers feel free to contact directly.

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