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Ideas for Shipping Container Hunting Cabins and Lodges

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A basic hunting lodge performs at least three basic functions: sleeping quarters, food/kitchen services, and some type of bathroom; and these three things can easily be packed into a 20' shipping container, and even greater size in a 40' shipping container. Designing a container cabin is slightly easier than building one, and a creative mind will have fun putting the most features in a fixed space.

The first thing to address that covers all aspects of bunking in a container cabin is the fact that containers have no thickness to their walls, and therefore walls will need to be built in to allow space for insulation, plumbing, and electrical services.

The second obvious question that comes up is the type of foundation that's required. We've covered this subject a couple of times before in the article titled "Storage Container Foundation Ideas".

Sleeping in a Shipping Container

The sleeping quarters in a shipping container cabin are probably the easiest to include, and could be the last feature added; this is simply because they require no fixed space or equipment (like plumbing) and can be made to be foldable, sliding, or disappearing in some other way. Some of the best designs out there include the sleeping quarters in the living area space, as pictures.

shipping container cabin

Eating in a Container Cabin

It's nice to prepare dinner over an open camp fire or grill, but in some climates it's not always possible due to either mosquitos during fishing season or deep snow during elk season. With this in mind it's important to incorporate some type of kitchen space with a grill, range and oven, and sink for washing up. Kitchen fixtures are a little more complicated due to electrical and plumbing requirements. With walls in place, the ideal design will keep the sink nearby to the bathroom so that the plumbing will not be required to cover long distances.

shipping container cabin

Washing up in a Container Cabin

shipping container bathroom Outdoor showers are great, but like cooking outside you can run into the same issues that being in nature will throw at you - mosquitos or snow. And, outdoor "power showers" aren't for everyone. The basic elements of any bathroom are a sink/vanity, shower, and commode; and it's been proven that these three things can be packed into a small space in very efficient ways. During the design keep in mind where the kitchen sink is, and how the plumbing can be run in a way that it won't overlap or be inaccessible. Check out the pictures for more ideas.

Shipping containers are great modular building blocks for all types of structures, including hunting cabins and lodges. A cabin can be as simple, or complex as the needs of the lodgers dictate, and once the walls are in place the plumbing and electrical services can be added in to provide everything from the basic amenities to televisions and gas fireplaces. Once the three basic needs of eating, sleeping, and bathing are in place the only thing left to worry about is where the trout are rising, or where the elk or deer are grazing. For more ideas on building container cabins check out our Facebook page. is an online marketplace for buying and selling all sizes of new and used shipping containers. Many of the sellers listed on the site have shipping containers for sale, and the ability to convert them into cabins and lodges, or any other type of modular structure from storage units to job-site offices. Feel free to contact them through any listing page to inquire about converting a shipping container into a unit that meets your needs.

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