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IICL vs. CSC Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers

07.02.2021 - Posted by Updated On 07.02.2021    

It may seem a little confusing, but there are a couple of competing standards in grading shipping containers. For overseas shipping there are two main categories, cargo worthy and IICL. Both grades are similar with their quality marks because the shipping lines typically set their standard to maintain safety and quality during transport.


IICL stands for the International Institute of Container Lessors and is a group of container owning companies that set the criteria that is generally accepted by all members of the group. Containers in IICL condition are in solid condition and suitable for overseas cargo shipments, provided they have a current survey for the shipping line. Containers in IICL condition will most likely have repairs that couple include patches, minor floor delamination, and similar minor dents and dings.

IICL shipping container

Cargo Worthy / CSC

Shipping containers in cargo worthy/CSC (Containers for Safe Condition) condition are inspected and deemed cargo worthy by a surveyor. Just as containers repaired to an IICL level are fit for shipping, so are CSC containers. The plate on the door is updated with the latest survey information, and the shipping line can be provided with documentation from the inspector proving that the container is safe to transport goods, and for people and equipment to handle.

A cargo worthy container without an active inspection is suitable for storage, modular housing construction, and similar projects. If the container were to be inspected, it would then be suitable for shipping.

CSC shipping container plate

Overall, both certifications held to very high standards that must meet the requirements of the shipping line that will be carrying the container. The very last thing that the shipping line wants to occur is injury to an employee or damage to the container and loss of cargo.

On you can find both IICL and CSC plated containers, and in many markets can help arrange the survey if required.

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