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Improved Security for Shipping Containers

27.09.2015 - Posted by Updated On 27.09.2015    

Sometimes' the factory equipped security features on a used shipping container just don't measure up for residential or commercial uses and you need to beef things up a little to make sure all of the things stored inside' remain inside the unit  until you're ready to use them. There are two directions you can take to solve this problem: specialized locks' or a lock box. Both have pros and cons that go with them' and we'll walk you through some of them in the following paragraphs.

Specialized Locks

Several companies sell specialized container locks that reach across the rods on the doors of the container. This type of lock needs no installation' just stretch the lock across the two rods' tighten the hooked ends of the lock around the bars' and close the lock.

There are two very convenient facts about this type of security set up:

1) There's no installation required. No tools' no drilling' just a quick and easy set up.

2) No bees. It was pointed out to us by a potential customer that lived in an area that is heavily populated by bees that' unlike the lock box described next' bees cannot make a home in/on this lock.

The downside to this type of lock is that with some persistence' and a hack saw or reciprocating saw' the lock can be removed quickly.
If you're need this type of lock' check with Eagle Container Leasing and they'll be able to set you up nicely.

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Container Lock Boxes

There are really two types of container lock boxes' those which bolt on and those which are welded on.

Weld on lock boxes provide greater security' but unless you have a welding torch on site' or a friend that owes you a favor' the cost may outweigh the real benefit.

Bolt on container lock boxes can be installed in minutes' and provide nearly the same strength as lock boxes that are welded on' however the bolt on variety can be installed with tools that you have around the house or garage (drill and wrenches or a socket set). If you are shopping for a bolt on shipping container lock box' they can be purchased online at

shipping container lock box is an online marketplace and auction for new and used shipping containers of all types and sizes. If you are in the market for a shipping or storage container' please contact any of the sellers through the active listings on the website. If you have general container questions or need some direction to get things started' feel free to contact our office directly.

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