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Increasing the Security of a Shipping/Storage Container

11.09.2023 - Posted by Updated On 11.09.2023    

Shipping container lock boxes are an aftermarket container part that can greatly increase the security of your used shipping and storage container.

New and used shipping containers, like new and used cars, come equipped with different features that were chosen by the original buyer; in the case of cargo containers the original buyer is typically a shipping line. Just for background knowledge, when the shipping line buys a container they plan on keeping it for 10-15 years and want to get the lowest possible price with only the options they'll need so buying unnecessary options would be a waste of money. One option that's not required by a shipping line, but important to a person or company using it for storage, is a steel lock box. New containers are typically equipped with lock boxes, so it's not necessary to have one added on to the container.

What's a Container Lock Box?

A container lock box is a steel house that protects the padlock from being cut or broken in any way. Cargo and storage containers are strong by design, and the weakest point is the lock; by protecting the lock it makes the container much harder to break into and less attractive to thieves.

shipping container lock box

How Can I tell if there's a Lock Box on my Container?

It's easy to tell if you have a lock box on your container. Lock boxes are mounted on the door in two ways: either welding it on, or bolting it on. Reference the three pictures below to see which, if any, type of lock box you might have:

shipping container lock box options

Where Can I Get a Container Lock Box?

Container lock boxes can be purchased at a few different locations. Typically, welded on lock boxes must be purchased at the depot, or at the location where you bought the container. While the container is on site the company will have the necessary equipment to weld the lock box onto the container doors.

If your container is already at its place of intended use and there's no welding equipment available, you can purchase a bolt on lock box on the internet at A bolt on lock box installs in under 15 minutes and only requires a few common tools.

If you have a shipping container without a lock box, installing one is a quick, easy, and affordable way to increase the security and protect the contents of your shipping container. is now providing bolt on container lock boxes and other container parts and components throughout the United States and Canada on a retail and wholesale level. If you have any questions about shipping containers, or shipping container parts, please contact our office and we'll be glad to provide you with assistance, no matter if you've purchased the products through our company or not.

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