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Local Shipping Container Trucking and Delivery Drivers

01.05.2016 - Posted by Updated On 01.05.2016    

Are you a local towing or trucking company with a tilt bed trailer? If so, let us know on We’re always looking for local trucking and towing companies to move containers locally to residential locations that don’t have fork lifts or cranes on site.

Delivering shipping containers to a residential buyer is different than trucking to most commercial buyers, primarily for the method of discharging, or unloading, the container. Commercial locations, like container yards, construction sites, and many distribution centers, have large fork lifts or cranes on site to loading and unloading containers with any type of weight. Residential locations, such as farms, ranches, and family residences, normally don’t have a fork lift on site. And it takes a certain skill set and experience to unload a container on a set location with a tilt bed style trailer.

Equipment Normally Required

Truck: Pulling up to 9,000 lbs over hills and, in some locations like Colorado, mountains, requires at least a heavy duty pickup truck, like a Ford Dually. Many towing companies have tractor trailers to make the move.

Trailer: For a residential delivery a tilt bed trailer, like a Kerr Built, Chain Drive or Landoll, is required. This type of trailer allows the truck to pull out from under the container and drop the container on its set location or pad.

Drivers Wanted

If you’re a private owner operator, towing, or trucking company and are looking for a little extra business moving shipping containers, please contact and provide your contact details, location or range, and charges. Alternatively, you can register on and our sellers will have access to your contact information.

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