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Long Term Storage: Shipping and Storage Containers

24.10.2015 - Posted by Updated On 24.10.2015    

Shipping containers can last a life time if properly set up and maintained; and both components are very easy and very low cost. The setup can range from a simple foundation to elaborate footers and pads, and the maintenance, no matter what you do, is very low.

Shipping Container Foundations

Putting a shipping container directly on the ground can be problematic for several reasons. First off, with over 5,000 lbs. of pressure the ground will probably will settle over time and this could lead to the container falling out of square. While this may not sound like a big deal, it leads to the doors not opening properly and the frame twisting. In the long run, the container will not be wind and water tight. The solution is to put the container on some type of foundation. shipping container railroad ties
We’ve detailed several options in the past, ranging from concrete footings to simple rail road ties, and rail road ties seem to be the most popular, and the most cost effective. The entire container doesn’t need to have ties placed underneath of it, ideally for a 20’ there will be one on each end, and one on each side/middle. Keeping the container off the ground allows some airflow underneath the unit and prevents mold and rot from attacking the flooring.

Shipping Container Maintenance

Shipping and storage container maintenance can be as little as an annual event, and some years may require nothing more than a walk around the container to look for potential problem spots. As we’ve discussed on the blog before, the one essential element to keeping a storage container "healthy" is keeping ahead of any rust and corrosion. The first step in this is keeping the container square, and that means a level and sound foundation. The second step is managing any rust or corrosion points and preventing the inevitable corrosion growth. An annual walk around with a wire brush and rattle can of spray paint is the easiest way to keep things under control; scrubbing at any spots of potential corrosion and covering them over with a fresh coat of paint. Without reposting information from before, we’ve gone into greater detail on painting and cleaning shipping containers in this blog post, "Cleaning Your Shipping or Storage Container". is an online marketplace for buying and selling new and used shipping containers around the world. We work with several of the leading shipping lines and container lessors around the world to provide a fast, efficient transaction. If you have any questions about container farming, shipping containers, or container housing feel free to contact any of the listed sellers on the site, or our staff directly.

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