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Managing Frozen Doors on Shipping Containers

10.01.2016 - Posted by Updated On 10.01.2016    

If your shipping or storage container is located in a cold, snowy area and you need regular access to it, frozen doors might be a problem for you. It's normal in some climates that the snow blows horizontally across the ground, and if the storage container maintains a temperature that's above the surrounding environment it could cause the snow and ice to regularly melt and refreeze in gusting winds and heavy or persistent snow. Unfortunately, there's no sure cure for frozen doors. However some preventative measures can be taken to help manage the issue.

What You Don't Want to Do

One idea that was presented and quickly dismissed was keeping a mallet, rubber or otherwise, on hand and giving the hinges and rods a good smack to break up the ice. While this will work to break up the ice, it can also damage the hinges and locking gear, making it hard to not only open your doors in icy conditions, but also in warmer conditions.


Best Practice for Managing Icy Doors on Shipping Containers

As was mentioned before, there's not 100% fix all solution for managing icy doors, but once the ice is cleared if you give the doors, hinges and locking gear, a liberal coating of silicon spray or WD-40, it can help reduce the waters ability to grip and solidify into the offending coat of ice. We have two containers in Luosto, Finland using this method now and it seems to be providing some help. facilitates the sale of shipping containers around the United States, and around the world. Our active sellers can provide shipping containers in standard intermodal lengths, and both standard and high cubes as well. If you have any questions about a specific container listed on the marketplace feel free to contact the seller directly. If you have a general container question you can contact any of our staff through the contact page.

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