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Market Insight: Used Container Prices

15.08.2011 - Posted by Updated On 15.08.2011    

Prices for used 20' and 40' dry containers in the US have shown signs of softening, according to sales data on At the halfway point in August, prices of 20 dry containers have fallen by 6% to an average of $2890, while 40' drys have remained almost steady at an average price of $3690.

Mixed market signs were reported in July's edition of 'Container Trade Watch'. "A significant reduction in the volume of equipment being retired from shipping-line fleets and continuing trade growth in the first half of 2011 suggest that dry-freight container supply is tight." However, "the reducing volume of orders since April, the recent falls in new prices and the accumulation of over 900,000 TEU of dry-freight containers in Chinese factory yards at the end of June suggest that it is not."

No one can argue that used container prices have been pushed higher over the past few months due to a supply shortage. Container lessors have enjoyed record high utilization rates, and, as stated by CTW, shipping lines opted to keep their containers in service longer before returning or disposing of them. With that in mind, based on this month's sales information supports the notion that we may continue to see prices gradually reduce as we move into the latter part of the third quarter.

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