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Mex in a Can – Taco Bell to Open Shipping Container Shop

24.10.2016 - Posted by Updated On 24.10.2016    

Restaurants and food stands are constantly looking for new and interesting ways to stand out in a highly competitive market, and the Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell is no exception to the rule. Taco Bell has recently unveiled a new pop-up store built out of shipping containers.

The restaurant is built from five shipping containers and includes a full Taco Bell menu, outdoor customer seating, and a fully ADA compliant restroom. The 1080 square foot restaurant made its first appearance at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Texas, and is currently on the move to South Gate, California.

The company that runs the Taco Bell franchise, Alvarado Cos is based out of Denver, Colorado and manages most of the Taco Bell locations in the South West United States. Alvarado is working with Brooklyn based SG Blocks to create the store. SG Blocks specializes in building all types of structures from shipping containers.

Jeff Geller, Alvarado’s executive vice president, said in a statement: “We love the idea of building a store out of a container, Taco Bell has a mission to be as green as possible and as a franchisee, we want to follow in its path.”

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