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Neutralizing a Shipping Container

21.01.2019 - Posted by Updated On 21.01.2019    

Many people who buy shipping containers don't realize that they are required to neutralize shipping containers when purchasing them, for both legal and marketing purposes (or in this case "un-marketing" purposes.

Legal purposes are there to cover the shipping line or leasing company in the event that the container is in an accident while in transit or on site. The original owner no longer has responsibility for the container, however if it were to be in an accident and appear on television no one would know that the company branded on the outside no longer owned the box.

Similar to not wanting to run afoul of the law and insurance problems, if a branded shipping container is sitting along a busy highway in a less than desirable area

Covering the Prefix

The prefix on the shipping containers identifies which shipping line or leasing company owned or managed the container. The prefix can be found on all four sides of the container and the top. There will be four letters, the last on always being "U". The letters can be peeled off, or simply painted over.

Checking the Inside

Along with the outside the prefix's on the outside of the container, there's a final prefix to remove on the inside of the container. Open the doors and the last remaining painted prefix will be on the left hand side.

shipping container prefix
shipping container corporate branding

Removing Corporate Branding

Shipping containers that are owned by shipping lines typically have much more branding and identifying markings than containers that are owned by leasing companies, mainly because leased containers can move around through various shipping lines during the course of their life. Maersk Shipping Line may not want to unnecessarily advertise one of their competitors.

The shipping containers for sale on are typically not neutralized, unless it was a special request and was done by the line or lessor. is an online marketplace where shipping lines and container leasing companies can buy and sell their new or used shipping containers to other companies or individuals around the world.

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