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North and South Dakota Shipping and Storage Containers

26.02.2014 - Posted by Updated On 26.02.2014    

Tough, industrial strength storage solutions that can stand up to the abuses of man, beast, and mother nature are required in North and South Dakota. Shale oil fracking and other mineral and energy extraction companies need storage containers that can be on-site quickly and need little to no maintenance, and used shipping containers are a perfect solution for that. The sellers on provide both 20' and 40' shipping containers in new and used condition.

Used Shipping Containers for Storage in the Dakotas

Shipping containers can be delivered out of Chicago and Minneapolis directly to your job site in the Dakotas for a reasonable price. The delivery price varies depending on if you have a forklift or crane on site, or if you need the equipment set on the ground (with the latter being a little more expensive).

Once the storage container is on your job site it's ready to be put to use. There's no additional construction or alterations, building times or waiting - just start loading it and lock it up at the end of the day.

The Buying Process

Search around for a container that meets your needs, or complete the request for and a qualified seller will take control of the process and get back to you.

Picking the right container: Chances are, if the container is coming out of a distant city you might not be able to stop by the depot and inspect the equipment before purchasing. Under this scenario, sellers on will provide you with pictures of the actual container or containers available, and you'll be asked to approve the equipment before it arrives at your location.

Payment: You'll be issued an invoice and asked to remit payment prior to shipping the container. We understand that some people are reluctant to pay for a shipping container prior to delivery, but our sellers have "two way risk" - if they ship the container without payment and the buyer D.K.'s the deal, they need to pay to have it shipped back to the depot.

Delivery: Once the container is paid for and loaded on the truck, you'll want to prepare the area where it's going to be setting. Since most of the containers sold in the Dakota's are placed on a job site they'll need nothing more than a rail road tie foundation. Having this ready makes the process go much faster. Once the container is on the way, the driver will call the primary contact when he's close and coordinate the delivery from there. The container is set on the ground and you're able to start using it.

More Information

If you would like more information about shipping and storage containers in North and South Dakota, search for available listings on one of the following pages: also provides a library of general tips for buying shipping containers. If you have any other questions feel free to contact our staff or sellers directly on any listing page.

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