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November Special on Bolt on Lock Boxes

03.11.2013 - Posted by Updated On 03.11.2013    

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a lock box or set of vents for your shipping container, now is the time.  For the month of November we’re offering 10% off any purchase made through

If that’s not enough,  if you buy a new or used shipping container through you will get an additional 10%, for a total of 20% off any purchase on  This discount applies to our American made bolt on lock boxes and container vents.

Bolt-on Container Lock Boxes

Container lock boxes are ideal for increasing the security on used shipping container.  The lock box unit comes with all of the necessary hardware and bolts onto the door of the container within minutes, using a drill and wrench or socket.

Once the lock box is bolted in place, the pad lock on your shipping container is housed in a steel box, accessible only through the bottom of the unit.  This device makes it nearly impossible to cut the shank of the lock and gain entry into the container.

shipping container lock box shipping container vent

Shipping Container Vents

If you live in a humid climate with a wide range of high and low temperatures between the night and day, shipping container vents are a good way to avoid humidity and the condensation that can collect inside of a shipping container.  The vents allow greater airflow that keep the internal temperatures and external temperatures closer to equal, reducing the chance for condensation to form.

How to Use the Discount Coupons

To take advantage of the 10% offer just enter CTNANOV13 when checking out and the discount will automatically be applied to the price of the products.
To use the 20% coupon, purchase any container on and the coupon code will be included on your invoice.

If you have any questions about shipping containers, lock boxes, container vents, or just general questions about how shipping containers can be modified to meet your specific project needs, please contact us and we'll be happy to speak with you, or direct you to the best person that could help you.

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