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One Trip Shipping Containers - An Affordable Solution

13.01.2013 - Posted by Updated On 15.10.2013    

One trip shipping containers, most typically, come in 10’, 20’, and 40’ sizes.  One trip containers, sometimes called one way containers, have only been used a single time and are still considered to be new.  While they usually aren’t the cheapest containers on the market, in depending on your container project they may be the most affordable containers overall.

Why are they called one trip containers?

One trip containers are the most affordable way to purchase a new container.  To save on the logistics and transportation costs.  One trip containers are traditionally purchased by, and manufactured by, a container leasing company.  The container is placed on a short term lease to a shipping line that loads the container and transports it to a specified depot.  Once it arrives at the depot, it is returned to the leasing company for sale to a container dealer or in some cased the end user.

One trip containers:  Not the cheapest, but affordable

One trip containers are more expensive than older used shipping containers, but depending on what your container project requires they may prove to be more affordable.  If the containers are going to be in a highly visible location and it requires a new coat of paint, and a lock box, it will be best to compare the prices of new and used containers, including all of the required work.  Required work may include paint, lock boxes, general repairs and maintenance.  Used containers typically don’t have lock boxes and are painted to match the requirements of the shipping lines, as opposed to neutral colors which are chosen by leasing companies who are planning to sell the container quickly. one trip shipping container

What sizes to one trip containers come in?

One trip containers generally come in 10’, 20’, and 40’ shipping containers, although other sizes are occasionally available.  Shipping lines are geared to affordably transport containers no less than 20’ long.  Because of this, off sizes are typically more expensive to move.  10’ containers get around this because the factory that manufactures the container can weld two 10’ containers together and transport them as a single 20’ container.

One trip shipping containers are widely available throughout North American and many other parts of the world, including Germany and China.  The price of one trip cargo containers can vary from location to location, which company is selling it, and how expensive it was to move to that location. provides many one trip containers in lengths of 20’ and 40’ and in 2013 will begin providing 10’ containers.  If you have any questions about finding one trip containers for sale, or how to sell containers through, please contact us and a representative will be happy to assist you.

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