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One Way Shipping Containers – Current Market

23.10.2017 - Posted by Updated On 23.10.2017    

Shipping container inventory has dropped off, while prices has increased in the past few months due to a slowdown of production in China due to the new paint regulations, and shipping lines picking up a lot of the available used container inventory in the United States and other parts of the world. This hic-up in the supply chain has caused an overall price increase in both new and used shipping containers in all parts of the world. With this in mind one way, or essentially new, shipping containers have become a much more affordable option relative to used shipping containers in many ports and depots around the country. What’s the difference between a used container and a one way shipping container? Depending on your needs, the condition, pricing and available inventory are the main factors.


One way shipping containers have only been used one time. From the manufacturer in China, they were loaded once and moved to the United States or other location, unloaded, and then marked for sale. They haven’t seen the years of wear and tear that a used shipping container has seen, and are typically painted tan or white (almond or ivory) and have doors that are easier to manage than a standard used shipping container that’s around 12-15 years old.


Used shipping containers, as you would expect, are cheaper than new shipping containers. However, in the current market the prices are getting much closer to each other. The surge in demand for any shipping container has caused used container prices, especially 20’ containers, to increase faster than the rate that new containers has. That’s not to say that new containers are inexpensive, but the price difference is much closer than previously seen.


At the time this post was published, the available inventory of shipping containers in any port or depot was unusually tight. Going into the winter of 2017, it can only be guessed that available inventory of both new and used shipping containers will still be in tight supply and prices will increase gradually. It’s well advised to check what condition of containers are available, and compare the pricing on new and used shipping containers.
one trip shipping containers is an online market place where buyers can find new and used shipping containers for sale around the world. The majority of the containers listed on the marketplace will have been painted with a solvent based paint, however most of the new containers manufactured from 2017 forward will be painted with waterborne paints. Regardless of the year, the paint is non-toxic and safe for any residential or commercial use.

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