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Onsite Industrial Storage – Shipping Containers

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Heavy industries like manufacturing, mining, oil drilling, and construction require portable, heavy duty storage facilities. Quite often, these companies less concerned with appearance and more concerned with function and an affordable price. They're looking for the cheapest possible shipping container that will stand up to abuse and neglect, all while keeping their supplies out of the harsh elements of nature.

Heavy Industrial Storage Space

Shipping containers on have been sold to large mining operations in the mid-west, manufacturing and mining operations in the Rocky Mountain region and Colorado's Front Range, and oil production sites in North and South Dakota. All of these companies have the same request:

We need storage containers that are strong, wind and water tight, the doors swing easily, and the units aren't rusted out. Once it's on our location it will remain there for at least few months and will be loaded with tools and other equipment that we use on a daily basis. After that, we'll take it to the next job site.

The storage solution that works the best is the simplest one, a 20' or 40' used shipping container. These containers are widely available and can be delivered to any location with a forklift or crane for an affordable price.

Heavy Industrial Storage Solutions

industrial storage containers Used shipping containers come in both 20' and 40' length. There are a few other sizes available, but once you deviate from 20' and 40' units you start to run into custom sizes and the price begins to increase. The standard height and width is 8' wide and 8'6" tall and there are also high cubes available that are 9'6" tall, providing an extra foot of vertical storage space.
Container delivery prices can vary, and the cheapest delivery will be on a flatbed truck or chassis; and if you have a forklift or crane on site that can lift a container off the truck you're in good shape. If you don't have a forklift or cane on site you're not completely out of luck, but the cost will be higher as tilt-beds and Landoll trucks are usually considered "specialty trucking" and the cost per mile can be higher.

How to Buy an Industrial Storage Container

Buying a container isn't as hard as you might think. Sellers on have a great amount of experience understanding the buyer's needs, and providing them with the best solution available. Start by searching your area for shipping containers for sale. If there is no equipment available complete the request form and someone from our network will get back to you in order to help find the containers that you need. If you have any questions you can always contact our office directly and we'll point you in the right direction.

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