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Open Sided Shipping Containers

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Open sided shipping containers are one of the many types of specialty shipping containers. Specialty shipping containers are called this as they aren't dry, or standard shipping containers or the conventionally used refrigerated containers. Open sided containers are just as described, containers with doors that open on the sides to allow greater access to the inside of the container.

Sizes of Open Sided Shipping Containers

As with all overseas shipping containers, open sides come in 20' and 40' lengths. They are also 8' wide and they can be either 8'6" tall, or a high cube at 9'6" tall. Both lengths can provide 180 or 270 degree swing doors.

Condition of Open Sided Shipping Containers

As with most specialty shipping containers, major shipping lines and leasing companies don't keep them in their owned fleet due to the limited uses while in standard overseas shipping. This means that you will only be able to find them in new (one trip) condition, unless you find a local private seller or rental company that wants to sell it.

40' HC open sided shipping container
open sided shipping container

Uses of Open Sided Shipping Container

Open sided containers are used for many different reasons, and each can depend on what the buyer needs the additional doors for. Some of the most common uses are as pop-up shop displays, or other types of sales kiosks at festivals, conferences and trade shows. Some creative shop owners also make them their permanent shop and have a very secure facility when the store is closed. is an online marketplace for new and used standard dry containers, as well as specialty shipping containers like open side containers, double doors, and duo-cons. To find a shipping container for sale in your area simple search by clicking on the map, or entering your specific location into the search bar, keeping in mind that you may need to adjust the distance with the slider in the side menu. If you're unable to find shipping containers for sale in your area you may complete the form and a representative will contact you to discuss available inventory.

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