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Painting a Shipping Container

18.04.2016 - Posted by Updated On 18.04.2016    

One of the biggest differences between buying a new and used shipping container is the color, and along with it the decision to buy a used container and paint it or buy a new (one trip) container with solid paint. But does the cost savings of buying a cheaper, used shipping container outweigh the benefits if you still need to paint to make it blend in with the local environment?

Used shipping containers have typically been in the fleet of a shipping line for 10-15 years and are marked with the colors and corporate branding of a large shipping line, while new containers are typically more generic and come painted tan, grey, white, or sometimes blue. If the color of the container a large factor in the decision (it is going to be sitting in a highly trafficked area, or do you have sensitive neighbors?) you may want to compare the cost of a used, painted container to a new container with factory paint.

new shipping container used shipping container

Along with paint, some used shipping containers may require some additional "body work" such as sanding off any rust or corrosion, or fixing any dents or dings that may expedite pealing or corrosion in the future. New shipping containers typically have no damage that needs to be repaired to cleaned up, they’re ready to go right out of the depot.

Estimated Shipping Container Paint Costs

Container Size

Paint Cost

20 ft Container


40 ft & 40 ft High Cube


45 ft Container


Depending on the location and market where you are purchasing the container, the cost difference between a new and used 20’ shipping container could be as little as $500, or as much as $1000; and this pricing is largely dependent on manufacturing and the logistics costs involved with getting the container from the factory to the local depot. is a market place where shipping lines and lessors can sell new and used, and occasionally scrap containers to wholesale and retail buyers around the world. To purchase a shipping container you can search for shipping containers for sale and contact any of the active sellers through their listing profiles. If you can’t find a container in your area just fill out the container request form and one of our sellers will contact you regarding your container needs. If you have general questions regarding shipping containers you can contact our staff directly at +1(307)222-9085 or through our contact page.

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