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Portable Shipping Container Offices

27.04.2014 - Posted by Updated On 27.04.2014    

The shipping containers for sale on are used for just about anything you can imagine, and portable office conversions are one of uses that are growing in popularity. Converting a shipping container into a custom portable office gives you a strong, very secure office that can be moved from one job-site to the next. Of course, there is some work involved, and if you're not able to do the modifications yourself there are several suppliers on that can help you do the work.

The features of shipping container offices can vary depending on how it's going to be applied in the field. At the very least, the office will need a window or two, electric services, and possibly insulation and heating. Once those features are in place, the rest of the office features can be built in. If you plan to purchase a container office, a local retail location will be able to explain all of the available options. If you plan to build the portable office yourself, there are a few points that you will need to consider prior to getting started.

Portable Office Window and Door Frames

Unlike installing a door or window in a conventional, wood framed building, doors and windows should be installed in steel frames. Steel frames provide additional support when moving the mobile office from one location to another. If installed in a wood frame, the door or window can shift when the unit is being moved and cause the seals to break, which can make heating and air conditioning less efficient. You can typically purchase steel window and door frames at local container rental/sales location, or online at shipping container office

Portable Office Security

Portable offices may not always be monitored, and are typically in locations with less traffic; keeping this in mind extra security measures are necessary. The most vulnerable spots on a container office are the windows, and the best way to prevent someone breaking in through the windows is to attach steel bars on the windows. Steel bars can be framed and mounted to the outside of the container; however it's best to have the steel bars welded to the steel window frame.

Insulating a Portable Office

A standard shipping container has no insulation, and there are many different ways to insulate a shipping container. The most recommended method for insulating a shipping container office is to frame out the inside of the container, then use spray foam insulation. Spray foam is light, and when properly applied prevents moisture from reaching the steel wall of the container.

shipping container insulation

Buying Container Parts and Components

If you plan to build your own portable container office, you can purchase many of the required parts at local retailers, or you can purchase steel window frames and door frames, container shelving, and other optional features online at

Portable offices are great solutions for construction companies, oil fields, or even supplementary office space at a school or commercial property. If you're interested in buying, renting, or building your own you can start your search for offices or shipping containers on

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