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Preparing to Buy a Storage Container

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Buying a shipping container to use as a commercial or residential requires a little advanced planning and thought, but with even a small amount of planning and preparation you'll have a solid, secure storage unit that will last you a long time. You'll need to make sure you have ample room, a good place to put it, and the right type of foundation to put it on.

Ample Space

Containers are pretty large units, and normally come in lengths of 20' and 40'. All are 8' wide, and either 8'6" or 9'6" tall. To start, you'll need enough space to set a piece of equipment with dimensions that large. Second, you'll need more room for the delivery. If you're going with a tilt bed delivery the truck that drops off the container will either be a large “dually" or some type of rig, and will be pulling a trailer that is at least as long as the container. For a 40' container the truck will need 40' for the container and another 40' for the truck as it pulls out from underneath of the container, then 20' or so for the truck. All of this space needs to be in a straight line. Check out these tips, or read more on delivery tips and suggestions check out any of our other articles on "shipping container delivery".

A Good Place to Put a Storage Container

Any place can be a good place to put a storage unit, but it really depends on where you live and the surrounding environment. A storage container on a construction site can be an attractive target for thieves, especially if it's sitting out the open, in a far off corner of the site. The same goes for a storage container in the back side of a farm. The best thing to do is think like a thief, and if possible put the container somewhere that's well lit, has decent traffic (thieves most like to work in isolated areas), and a place that's visited by someone on a relatively frequent basis so they can check in on it and make sure the unit hasn't been tampered with. storage container

Storage Container Foundations

A shipping or storage container doesn't need to be on a foundation, but even a little bit of effort here helps. If the unit will be in a rainy, damp area and there's a chance the ground under it will be wet, it's a good idea to provide some air circulation or drainage system to allow the underside to dry out. The foundation can be something as simple as a stone bed or railroad ties, or as involved as building concrete footings to keep the container off the ground and secured to a solid structure.

storage container

New and used shipping containers make great storage units, and with a little planning and effort a unit can last you a long time. To make the most of you storage container and get the best value for your money, you'll want to make sure that you have enough room; the container set in the right place, and has some type of foundation or drainage to keep it dry and free from premature corrosion.

If you have any questions about shipping containers, storage containers, or how to get the most for your investment, feel free to contact dealer in your local area through any listing page, or for general questions you can contact the staff of

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