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PUMA City - Modified Container Complex

04.04.2012 - Posted by Updated On 04.04.2012    

We've previously highlighted the innovative shopping mall constructed of used shipping containers, BoxPark, located in the Shoreditch section of London, UK, Keetwonen student housing in Amsterdam, and Starbuck's coffee in a can store; this time we'd like to turn your attention to the mobile entertainment facility, Puma City.

Puma City was designed by LOT-EK, an innovative design firm based in New York City. Back in 2008 LOT-EK was charged with designing a fashionable, functional, and mobile entertainment complex for Puma. Accepting the task, they created an 11,000 square foot facility, spanning three levels. The first level houses two retail spaces, both with double high ceilings, and four container wide open spaces. The second level contains offices, a press area, and storage; while the third level provides a welcoming bar, lounge, and event space.

In all, PUMA City is constructed from twenty four, 40' containers, including a number of connectors to secure the structure both horizontally and vertically. The overall unit was designed to be mobile, and has been taken down, transported, and reassembled a number of times. Given the nature of it's construction it can travel easily through conventional shipping lines. So easy in fact that it's made appearences in New York, Alicante, Boston, Stockholm. Truly innovative, it's the first structure of it is size to be completely mobile.

Modified shipping containers are continuing to grow in popularity, and LOT-EK has built on their success with container design and created PUMA's "Drive Drop and Shop Unit", or DDSU.


PUMA CITY set up and assembly from LOT-EK on Vimeo.


PUMA City Mobile shopping area
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