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Recycled Shipping Containers

09.01.2023 - Posted by Updated On 09.01.2023    

It seems like shipping containers are in the news on a weekly, if not daily, basis recently. If it's not an article about shipping containers falling overboard, it's a story about recycled shipping containers being converted into some type of container house or office space. No matter the reason, any time containers are in the news it raises the visibility of the industry and gives people new ideas and ways to use shipping containers in their business and daily lives.

We've published several articles on shipping container homes, so let's take this opportunity to highlight three other ways that shipping containers can be repurposed and recycled: portable storage units, shipping container cabins, and job-site offices.

Portable Storage Units

There are several types of portable storage units to buy and lease, and they range from inexpensive and lightweight trailer style units, to heavy duty recycled shipping containers. Which type of storage unit you need really depends on your situation, but converting shipping containers into storage units has become very popular over the last few years due to the inexpensive price of used containers, and the long term durability and security they provide. alt

Shipping containers used for storage can be delivered to most locations on a tilt bed truck, and instantly loaded with whatever items need to be stored.  Additional features like shelving or a lock box to improve security can be added at any time. Overall, recycled shipping containers make quick, easy, and dependable storage units.

Shipping Container Cabins

Preppers, hunters, and campers have all started using shipping containers to build all types and sizes of cabins. Shipping containers make great modular units for any type of cabin because a majority of the work can be done offsite, and moved onto the location when it's ready. Similar to an RV or mobile home, all electrical and water services can be installed and plugged in when the unit arrives on-site.

Sellers on have designed and built all ranges of container cabins – ranging from simple bunk houses without water and electricity, to units fully equipped with kitchen, shower, and electrical services. Click here to search active container cabin listings.



Job-site Offices

Job site office trailers have typically been built from the shell of a mobile home; however due to the surplus and durability of shipping containers converting containers into job site offices has been on the rise. 20' shipping containers especially make great units due to the convenient size and portability. alt

20' shipping containers, new or used, can be insulated, ventilated, and equipped with simple HVAC units to help manage the hot and cold temperatures of any job site. Depending on the industry, the units can be equipped with meeting tables, desks, or drafting boards to provide the staff with all of the features needed to work efficiently.

Recycled shipping containers have been finding their way into many aspects of residential and commercial use. Residential uses such as container cabins are growing in popularity with preppers and hunters alike, commercial uses like job site offices and both commercial and residential portable storage units are becoming ever more popular and accepted across all areas.

If you have any questions about buying shipping containers, either new or used, or how to convert them into storage units, cabins, or offices, please contact any of the sellers on, or for general questions you can contact the office directly.

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