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Refrigerated Storage Containers - Choosing to Buy or Rent

11.03.2012 - Posted by Updated On 11.03.2012    

Storage, whether it’s mobile, onsite, or off site, is something that a company or individual can spend a lot of money on.  Even more so if your product is something that needs to be stored in controlled conditions.  For medical suppliers, distributors, caterers, and many other types of business, refrigerated storage is the only way to keep their products from spoiling.  Some businesses build special rooms that can be kept at specific temperatures, however investing in an onsite facility is an expensive solution that does not make sense for those only in need of a smaller area or a short term solution.

Over the past few years, refrigerated containers have been increasing in popularity as a storage method.  When paired against building a storage facility, containers can be transported or relocated, modified to meet your specific needs, and in some cases rented, instead of purchased.  The benefits of container storage are countless; however some companies still need to consider a more cost effective method for infrequent use.  Refrigerated containers are less expensive than many other options; they can still be expensive for a storage solution that may not be needed 100% of the time.

Renting or leasing a storage container can save your business money, especially if the container isn’t needed for daily use.  Refrigerated containers can cost around $10,000-$15,000 depending on the size and condition, and this amount is a sizable investment for any size company.  For a caterer who typically works with private events, renting a container for one job is much more sensible decision for both storage and transportation.
Storage container rental


Another example is a cold goods distributor.  They need to move products through their location, and a refrigerated container is less expensive than building a dedicated room for cold storage.  Many start by purchasing a container for transport, but once the distributor experiences the versatility they begin to use them for static storage solutions as well.  For a solution like this, it would make more financial sense to buy a refrigerated container as opposed to renting one.  Also, containers retain much of their value and depreciate slowly, so selling the container at the end of its useful life is always an option.

Unlike refrigerated rooms, containers allow you to relocate your business to a new location at any time, or transport a large quantity of stock to another location without having to worry about where to put the goods upon arrival. Purchasing a container can solve all of your transport and storage problems in one go.
If you have a business and you are looking into refrigerated storage, short term or long term, there is a container option that is right for you. Converting a whole room is expensive and often unnecessary. Solve both your storage and transport needs at the same time with a refrigerated container. For less frequent use, it can still seem like an expensive option, renting a storage container can be far more cost effective.

Stay fresh with one of the most affordable and versatile storage options. Choose a refrigerated storage container for your business.

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