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Refurbished, Recycled, Retrofitted, and Repurposed Shipping Containers

16.05.2022 - Posted by Updated On 16.05.2022    

It seems like shipping containers are popping up everywhere these days –portable storage units, jobsite offices, they're even being used for modular housing, greenhouse conversions, and shopping mall projects!  A used container converted to a new life can be called many things – refurbished containers are cleaned up, retrofitted containers are equipped with doors and windows, and recycled and repurposed cargo containers can fall into just about any category available.

So what's the recycled container craze all about? 

It's all about taking an existing building component, improving it, and giving it a new purpose in life.  Shipping containers are a readily available, inexpensive component that can be used in many aspects of building, storage, or structures.  If you're converting a container there's a good chance that you're saving money on the cost of labor and materials, meaning you've got more money in your pocked to reinvest in other aspects of your project.  If you want to feel good about yourself, you're saving the container from the scrap yard, and saving the CO2 omissions that would have been expelled during the salvage process, as well as the new construction process that would have been used during whatever the alternative building type was.

How do I Recycle a Shipping Container?

I'm not a big company and I don't have a major shipping project going on, what can I do?  You don't need to be a large company or have a multi-million dollar project going on to benefit from converting used shipping container for your project.  A used shipping container, depending on the size, costs around $2000 and can be delivered and set on the ground for a reasonable price.  Compared with the cost and time of building a new shed or out-building you'll be up and running in no time.

Where Can I Buy a Used Shipping Container?

If you're in a major city or port area shipping containers are readily available through local retailers.  The best place to start your search is Google, and there are bound to be several container retailers in nearby.  If you aren't near a port or major city a shipping container may be a little harder to find, but it won't be impossible. works with shipping lines, container leasing companies, and retailers around the United States and Canada to help connect container buyers and sellers in all locations.

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