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Residential Cargo Container Delivery: Plan Ahead

24.05.2021 - Posted by Updated On 24.05.2021    

Every day countless people purchase shipping or cargo containers around the world.  Commercial buyers will keep the containers in service for years to come, and residential buyers typically opt to use the containers for on-site storage, have the containers modified into a home or office, or some even convert them into storm shelters or root cellars.  Regardless of your intentions, someone is going to have to deliver it to your location and everyone involved will want the delivery to go smoothly.   Here are a few tips to help better prepare for your container delivery.

Prior to Scheduling:

  • Question #1 from the delivery driver is almost always, "will you have a forklift or some type of equipment to unload the container on site?"  If not, this limits the number of trailers that can be used to delivery your container to Landoll style, which can containers can be rolled off of.
  • "How much space is available?" is the second most common question when scheduling shipping container delivery.  The truck will need enough room to maneuver and turn around to leave once the job is done.  If you're in a mountain area or hilly terrain this may be a concern.
  • With regards to the location where you'd like to have the container dropped, is it paved or land?  If the latter, has it rained recently and is the land dry and hard enough to drive on?

On the delivery date:

  • When the container arrives be sure and have someone there to meet with the driver and let him know exactly where the container needs to be dropped.
  • The area should be prepared for the container, as moving them later can be an issue. If you're using a stone bed it should be graded and ready, and any other type of container foundation should be cured and in place.
  • Not directly related to the container itself, but not to be left out, many drivers prefer to be paid in cash at the time of delivery.  If you're able to make a trip to an ATM or cash machine the driver will appreciate it.

By taking the time in advance to be prepared and have everything in place, your container delivery can go quickly and smoothly.  If you need help coordinating the delivery of a shipping or cargo container feel free to contact our staff at  We help to arrange countless deliveries each week and have probably seen a situation similar to yours in the recent past.

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