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Schedule Container Alerts and Save Searches

09.10.2011 - Posted by Updated On 09.10.2011    

One of the most useful, and used, features on is the saved "search/alert function". If you regularly find yourself searching for containers in the one geographic region, all registered users are able to schedule alerts and save searches on based on specific parameters.

What is an alert?
Once a day, around 23:30-23:59 GMT, we run a query based on your parameters. If we find any new container listings meeting your set criteria we send them to you in an email digest format. This works well if you're frequently on the road with access to email, but don't necessarily have time to visit the site.

How to schedule an alert:

Once your account is established, scheduling a new alert is a quick and easy process.

1. Once you log into your account, perform a search as you normally would. You can be as specific or general as you'd like.

2. Click on the 'Save search/alert' button located in the criteria box.

3. Name your search, select 'Notify email' and save.

That's it; we'll take care of the rest. You can save as many searches as you'd like, and edit them at any time.

Saved container search

Editing your alerts:
To manage your saved searches and alerts, start by logging into your account and visiting the dashboard page. From the menu you'll see a link for 'Saved Listings, Searches, Alerts'. Navigate to this page and here you can edit, execute, or delete your saved searches and alerts.

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