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Marketing new and used shipping containers online may not be as difficult as you think. has worked closely with experts in shipping, container leasing, and trading, to develop a complete solution for managing the online sales and marketing process of new and used shipping containers.  The auction engine provides No/low costs, no restrictions, and direct contact with the buyer.

No/Low Cost: There is no charge for listing containers in the auction, no charge for communicating with potential buyers, and a low charge on succussful sales.

No Restrictions: There is no minimum listing size (units or value), no geographic restrictions, and no required schedule. All sellers decide when their container listings should start, how long they should last, and how many containers to include. All listings are self managed, giving the seller the flexability they need to better manage their business.

Direct Contact: When a potential buyer submits a question or a request, it comes directly to the seller through the private messaging system.  Sellers are able to reply through the system, and attach any necessary files, to allow the buyers to make a better informed decision before they purchase. has worked hard to create a competitive, flexible platform that meets the needs of both large and small clients. If you believe the auction could be the right place for you to market your containers online contact a representative or email for more details.

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