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Setting Up a Storage Container Business

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The storage business is a growing industry all around the United States, and it may be easier to set up and grow a storage company with shipping containers than you'd think. Before you rush into any decision, business or otherwise, it's good to sit down and do a little analysis to help you make the best choices. For a storage business, there are four factors that can drive the ultimate success of your venture: Type, location, size, financial analysis.

Type of Storage Company

Most people don't realize it, but there are several types of storage companies. The original concept of a storage company is a fixed structure with garage doors for each individual unit and tenant. This idea still works well, but can be much more cost intensive than other options. To build a storage company with shipping containers, it's much easier to scale and you have the option of providing both on-site and off-site storage options. On-site storage refers to the containers being on the client's site, and the business owner has the ability to each additional income on the delivery and pick up of the containers. Off-site storage refers to the containers being stored at a central location, like a traditional storage facility. shipping container storage company

Location of Storage Company

Location is very important to any off-site storage company. The location needs to be convenient enough that customers can get there easily, but not in an expensive area that would erode any chance of profit. If the plan is to develop and on-site storage company, location is less important and will usually only be used to store unused shipping containers.

Size of Startup Storage Company

As mentioned before, building a storage company with a shipping containers means that you can get into the business one foot at a time, and not have to invest a large sum of money or take out a large loan to get started. A 20' shipping container, depending on where you live, will be enough to get you started. As your fleet grows you may decide to invest in a truck to deliver the containers on your own.

shipping container storage company

Financial Goals of a Startup Storage Company

The ultimate goal of any business venture is to turn a profit as quickly as possible. To calculate a return on investment to see if it makes sense to start a shipping container storage company you'll need to do some research on the competition. Many companies charge around $100/month to rent a 20' shipping container, so if a new container costs $2400 your investment will be completely paid off in two years and everything after that will be profit, even faster if you earn additional money on the delivery and pick up of the container. A portion of the rent should be set aside for maintenance and repairs, but given the very limited M&R required for shipping containers, and any damage repair clause included in the rental agreement, it's a fast track to a profitable company if set up correctly. is an online marketplace and software platform for buying and selling new and used shipping containers of all sizes, all around the world. Our sellers are actively marketing available inventory throughout North America, and also have shipping containers available throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. To learn more about buying a shipping container in your area search for a shipping container in your area, and begin the process. If no container are available in your area you can increase the search radius, or complete the request form and an active seller or representative will contact you about your request.

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