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Shipping and Storage Container Auctions

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Buying a shipping or storage container at auction is one of the best ways to find a great storage deal in your area, and has active sellers and many containers listed for sale around the world.  If you don’t see the container that you need on the auction platform contact us and we’ll do everything that we can to put you in touch with a seller that can provide an affordable unit in your area.

Who sells containers on

The containers listed on our auction platform are being sold by shipping lines, leasing companies, and container traders/retailers.  No matter who has the container listed for sale, you can be sure that you’re getting a competitive, fair price. All sellers are reviewed and approved by our staff to ensure their authenticity and reputation in the industry.

Who buys containers on

The container trading software platform is designed to service both high volume traders, such as shipping and leasing companies, and one time/occasional retail container buyers.  The staff and our sellers have a great amount of experience working with all levels of buyers, seasoned professionals who sell thousands of cargo containers annually and first time buyers that are looking for on-site storage space, portable offices/workshops, or similar people with less frequent needs.

How do I start selling or buying shipping containers?

If you have any questions about how works feel free to contact us, or register an account and have a look around the retail trading platform.  Over the past year, has helped countless retail and wholesale clients buy some of the best shipping and storage containers in the market, at the best possible prices.  Any questions, no matter how basic or advanced, are welcome.

Shipping container auction is a registered corporation in the United States, with corporate headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  We have been providing online container trading, marketing, and consignment services since 2010 and grown annually since that time.

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