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Shipping and Storage Container Tips

09.05.2022 - Posted by Updated On 09.05.2022    

It's getting more and more common for people to use a shipping container as an on-site storage unit.  New and used shipping containers are designed to keep their contents secure, protected from wind and rain, be portable.  However, there are a couple of points to keep in mind when converting a commercial shipping container into a residential storage unit.

High Locking Gear vs. Low Locking Gear

New shipping containers are typically equipped with high locking gear, while used containers are equipped with lock locking gear.  What's the difference?  High locking gear is easier to open and close because the handles around the middle of the door; while low locking gear is at the bottom of the door.  This is done so that when the container is on a chassis the door handles can be easily reached by a person standing on the ground.

Overall, the performance of high and low locking gear is the same; it's just a matter of bending over to open the container doors.

Lock Boxes and Container Security

Shipping containers are great at keeping everything inside them dry and out of the elements, however without a strong, protected lock, the security of the container could be compromised.  Shipping containers spend the vast majority of their lives in bonded depots, or on a truck or shipping vessel – all areas with strong security measures; and because of this they really don't need to have a protected locking system. 

Once the container is sold to a retail buyer, it's up to the individual to decide if extra protection is necessary.  If the container is in a secure lot, everything should be just fine.  If it's set up in a remote area without much lighting, the owner may want to upgrade the security by adding a shipping container lock box.  It won't make it impossible to break into the container, but the would-be thief will have to think twice before going at it.

The Importance of a Level Foundation

It's vital to the long term health of a shipping container to be placed on a level surface.  If the surface isn't level the container will gradually fall out of frame, or “rack”, over time.  Once the frame is twisted, the doors may no longer be square, the metal can twist, and the unit will no longer be wind and water tight.

Shipping containers make a great turn-key solution for commercial and residential storage.  They are highly functional right off the truck, and there are a few optional ways to improve the security and extend their useful life. is an online market place that allows shipping lines and both commercial and residential buyers to connect and find the best deals on new and used shipping containers of all sizes.

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