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Shipping and Storage Containers in Colorado

19.12.2013 - Posted by Updated On 19.12.2013    

Over the last year we’ve sold a lot of shipping containers around the United States and Canada, and quite a few containers in Colorado. Throughout Colorado, shipping containers are popular to use as portable storage units for homes and companies, modular housing components, or even storm shelters/hunting cabins.

Nearly every shipping container that we’ve sold in Colorado this year has been one of the three main types of container - 20’ standard, 40’ standard, and 40’ high cube. Some of the containers have been converted into workshops, while many of the 40’ and 40’ high cube units have been repurposed for storage units for companies and farms. We’ve even had a new 40’ high cube container that was converted into a container home/in-laws quarters on a ranch between Denver and Colorado Springs.

When it comes to getting the container to your location, we’ve got an expert team of delivery drivers that are experienced in all areas of Colorado terrain - from properties in the mountains and canyon roads around Boulder, to farms and ranches in the Front Range, they’re able to get any size container right on the foundation or pad where you need it, and at a very affordable price.

New 40' high cube container, Denver, Colorado
20' container, Denver, Colorado 20' container, Denver, Colorado
20' container, Denver, Colorado 20' container, Denver, Colorado
40' container, Denver, Colorado

The images above are a few of the shipping containers that we’ve recently helped to sell Colorado. works with some of the largest shipping lines, leasing companies, and container traders throughout the United States, and provides containers for sale at some of the most competitive pricing in the market. If you need a shipping container in Colorado or the Rocky Mountain Region, contact us through the website or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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