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Shipping Container Colors

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Shipping containers come in a few different standard sizes, and many different colors; and which color the shipping container is can tell you a lot about the life that it's had, how old it is, and who owned it. Furthermore, when you're buying a shipping container it can also impact the price of the unit.

Tan (Almond) or White (Ivory) Shipping Containers

Tan and white shipping containers are typically the most desirable, however these colors are most likely new, or 'one trip' shipping containers and will be priced accordingly. Container leasing companies build these containers for clients and buyers in the United States and North America to provide them with containers that are designed to be quickly converted to storage units or modular structures. The neutral colors blend into any background well, and do a great job of not drawing attention to themselves. However, if they were destined for life on the sea the lighter colors would show their age much faster than darker colors. new tan shipping container

Maroon or Brown Shipping Containers

Shipping containers that are maroon or brown are typically owned by leasing companies. There might be subtle logos such as 'Gold', 'Florens', or 'Triton' decaled on them, but the branding may not be extremely obvious. The leasing companies will provide the shipping lines access to containers for several years at a time, and at the end of the period they may be leased to a different shipping line, which is why the container doesn't carry and overtly obvious corporate branding. The maroon or brown color both blends in well on any stack or vessel, and the dark color doesn't show it's age very quickly.

Blue, Orange, Red, Light Green, or just about any other color Shipping Container

Container shipping lines tend to brand their owned equipment with their corporate logo and colors, as they typically intend to keep the container for its entire useful life. This reason alone is why there are orange containers once owned by Hapag Lloyd, light green containers once owned by China Shipping, or red containers owned by K-Line or Hamburg Sud. There are several other variations floating or driving around the world, but those names tend to be the most eye catching.
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