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Shipping Container Conversion Kits

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We've all heard the stories about shipping container conversions and seen the end results, but not many people, excluding those building the components and converting the containers, know the potential obstacles and headaches that go into modifying a shipping container into storage unit, bunk house, or a project far more elaborate. Bent walls, racked frames, and rusted wall sections can all work against a simple project. However, there are ways to make the process easier and faster, all while saving costs – prebuilt window and door frames, and prebuilt wall sections. These components can either be purchased individually, or as a packaged kit; then shipped to any location in the United States and Canada.

Window and Door Frames

Creating a standard window frame doesn't seem like a lot of work, but to be properly installed in a shipping container the frame should be made of steel, not wood. A wooden window frame can shift and compress while being transported causing the window itself to fall out of square and lose its seal.

If you plan on cutting the window frame into a used shipping container and the container walls have and dents or repaired damage you'll quickly find out that most solutions don't work properly. In one project a client welded sections of angle iron directly into the cut out, and found that on any repaired section it was difficult to create a frame square enough to seal tightly.

The solution for installing consistently tight window frames is using a prebuilt steel frame. Steel frames can be made on site, but the manual labor involved can consume a lot of valuable time when compared to the associated costs. Purchasing a package of several prebuilt window frames will allow you to cut the holes in advance, and weld the frame directly into the space required. Once the frame is welded in the window can be set in place with sealant, and self-tapping screws.

steel window frame

Wall Sections and Panels

Wall sections can be just as tricky to build and install as windows, especially if they include a door frame. No matter if its purpose is to create a two unit storage container or separate office space from tool storage, the end goal is a tight fitting wall panel and a square door that seals tight and blocks drafts and dust. Wooden frames built on site can shift during transportation and damage any finish work, or worse knock the door out of square.

The way to manage against transportation damage is to build a steel frame and install aluminium 2x4's every 18 inches. This will provide the same benefits of a standard frame, but the strength of the steel frame and light weight advantages of aluminium internal framing.

Just as with the window frames, wall sections can be produced on site, but the time and cost involved can push the final price of the container conversion up much higher, and squeeze out any margin while it happens. Prebuilt wall sections can be installed quickly and shimmed into place to provide a high quality, extremely durable wall.

container wall panels, a subsidiary of, manufactures prebuilt window and door frames and wall panels for shipping container conversion kits. The kits are available on both a wholesale and retail basis and can be distributed throughout the United States. To learn more about shipping container conversion kits contact a sales representative by emailing or calling 307-222-9085.

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