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Shipping Container Conversions and Storage Units

17.12.2012 - Posted by Updated On 17.12.2012    

Shipping container conversions are becoming increasing popular in the construction and oil industries.  In recent years, the demand for new and used shipping containers has increased due to the need for on-site storage, workshops, and mobile offices that is affordable, quick to install, and provides a great amount of security.

Shipping containers are readily available in almost every major city in the world, and for many types of container conversions experts are locally available to help construct your desired product.  Converting a container into a storage unit typically requires no, or very little, modification to the unit.  At the most, using a shipping container for storage involves installing shelving and a bolt on lock box.  Workshops and mobile offices can vary depending on the depth and complexity of the project, and has many dealers and builders around the world that are able to provide these services.

Popular Container Conversion Ideas:

  • Lunchrooms
  • Accommodation Units
  • Dangerous Goods Containers
  • Portable Workshops
  • Site Offices
  • Portable Toilet & Showers
  • Container Homes
  • First Aid Rooms
  • Explosive Magazines
  • Change Rooms
shipping container office

If you would like more information on having a shipping container converted for your project you can search for a container in your area.  If no shipping containers are available near you please contact the staff at and they can provide you with more information on how to source the best container for your needs.

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