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Shipping Container Damage: Bent Rods

14.08.2016 - Posted by Updated On 14.08.2016    

Occasionally, the rods on the door of a shipping container will bend, leaving the container doors unable to be closed or opened properly. It’s not common, especially in everyday use, but if they are bent it is usually during movement or when hit by container handling equipment. While it may cause problems, it’s not impossible or very expensive to fix. However, it may be necessary to call in a welding company or a mobile machine repair shop.

In this picture, the top locking bar guide was smashed and the cam is bent, which was probably causing compression on the rod making it hard to open and close.  Most likely when the door was opened it released the compression and now can’t get back in place.

shipping container damage bent rods shipping container damage bent bars

How to Fix the Container Doors

In this example, to fix the door without segmenting the locking bar it will most likely require heat, and the door guide might need to be removed and later re-installed after the fix is made. Keeping in mind that if heat is applied with the locking bar in place the paint on the door will be burnt and a new paint job will be needed. is an online market place for buying and selling shipping containers of all sizes and conditions. Our sellers are leasing companies and shipping lines from around the world, and are highly experienced in selling the best quality, best price off hire and off lease containers. To inquire about a shipping container on the site just use the contact button on the listing page, and that will put you in direct touch with the seller.

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