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Shipping Container Firewood Storage

25.11.2017 - Posted by Updated On 25.11.2017    

Shipping containers, new or used, are great places for aging and storing firewood. While at the end of November (the time this article was originally published) it’s getting a little late in the season to get this type of project started, there’s still a little time if you don’t need to dry the firewood. To get started using a shipping container for drying green firewood and storing dried firewood there are a couple of important things to consider, and air circulation and access are the two biggest considerations.

Stack Firewood on Pallets

Making sure that air can circulate around the firewood is very important to keeping it dry, and pallets are a great way to achieve this. Pallets will provide an inexpensive way to keep regular airflow underneath of the container.

A secondary reason for keeping the wood on pallets is if any moisture accumulates on the floor of the container it will keep it out of any puddles of melted snow or condensation.
If Air circulation under the firewood, helps expedite drying of green wood.

firewood storage

Allow Space

Similar to airflow underneath of the firewood, air flow around the sides of the firewood stacks is also important. It will take some extra time and effort, but it will be well worth the work in the long run. Just like you’d stack the end row of wood in a normal stack, do the same on the sides of the wood stack and it will keep the air flowing around all sides of the wood.

Creating an isle is also recommended. Without an aisle you’ll be access the wood in a “first in, last out” method, and the best, most dried firewood will be buried in the far end of the container. Unless you want to crawl over the wood, an aisle is a good idea.

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Consider a Container with Double Doors

Double doors are more expensive shipping containers to buy, but they would allow you to easily access the oldest wood without losing the space for an aisle. The downside would be that you’d need to find a way to push the wood through the container so that you can keep things flowing through the container in a standard fashion. provides a global marketplace where sellers provide shipping containers to buyers around the world for all uses, including firewood storage and many other uses. To find a shipping container or storage container in your area, search through the listed shipping containers for sale in your area and make any inquiries directly to the seller. If no containers are available in your area feel free to complete the request form and a seller that can service your area will contact you.

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