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Shipping Container Home in Savannah, Georgia

10.11.2013 - Posted by Updated On 10.11.2013    

A few months back, two retired shipping containers in Savannah, Georgia were converted into a reat looking single family home. While the interior of the place is impressive, unlike other projects the exterior of the containers remained in the natural state - displaying the original blue paint, shipping line markings, and even the BIC code that was originally assigned to it.

The two 40' shipping containers (based on the prefix KHJU the containers were formerly part of the Hamburg Sud fleet) are situated parallel to each other, offset by a few feel and with a space of 6' separating the units. The containers are sitting on a concrete pier foundation reinforced with steel I-beans. The 6' space between the units was built out with a wooden frame and a sloped roof that allows in an ample supply of natural light, and also provides the frame for the sliding door/main entrance. The offset space allowed for a large patio to be built for enjoying the beautiful Savannah weather.

Savannah, GA shipping container home Savannah, GA shipping container home Savannah, GA shipping container home

The interior of the container home is substantially different from what you'd expect from looking at the home from the road. The entire living area is designed with a modern, very contemporary feel to it. The floors and countertops are semi-gloss black, with the exception of the natural weathered wood floor in the kitchen and entrance space. There are several windows that allow for natural light, and the original doors are still able to open and provide even more light and air circulation.

The container home has one master bedroom situated at the end of one of the units, and the potential for a second bedroom in the other container.

The interior space is roughly 880 square feet, with 320 square feet in each of the 40' containers, and 240 square feet in the connecting space.

The Savannah container home was designed by Julio Garcia, who currently lives in the structure. Mr. Garcia runs the design firm Price Street Projects and more information can be found on the company's website,

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