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Shipping Container Loans

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A secured loan is a loan that's secured by the value of the underlying asset, in this case the shipping containers. Due to the amount of underwriting and paperwork most banks wouldn't want to provide a secured loan for a small number of containers. The issue many banks have with providing a secured loan is determining the initial value of the containers, and the residual value at the end of the loan period.

Unsecured Loan/Credit Card

An unsecured loan, or purchasing a shipping container with a credit card is the fastest and easiest way to close the deal. An unsecured loan is based on the credit quality of the buyer. The limit may be the amount of money available to the buyer. Some companies will allow the buyer to purchase the container with a credit card, but keep in mind the interest rates that will be charged. It's always a good idea to pay this down or pay this off, as quickly as possible.

Seller Financing

In some cases the company selling the shipping container can provide some financing assistance, however again this will most likely be based on the credit history of the buyer, the location of the company selling the container, and how comfortable they are with the location and buyer. is an online marketplace for buying and selling new and used shipping containers. does not provide financial services to residential buyers, but does provide fleet valuations to appraisals to banks and the finance industry. To learn more if can help your organization please contact us with your questions.

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