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Shipping Container Lock Box Give Away!

16.08.2014 - Posted by Updated On 16.08.2014    

During August and September of 2014, anyone purchasing a used 20' or 40' container will be automatically entered to win a bolt on lock box, and anyone buying a new or used shipping container will be offered a 25% discount on any purchase on Starting on Friday the 29th of August, a new winner will be chosen at random every Friday and the winners' names will be announced on and Facebook.

What's a Lock Box?

A container lock box is, essentially, a house for your lock. It bolts on the door of the shipping container and protects your lock from being tampered with or the shank being cut. The lock boxes on are different because they bolt on; so unlike the ones at the factor or depot you don't need welding equipment to install them. Need some more information about them? Check out this video, "How to Install a Bolt On Lock Box". Bolt on lock boxes retail online for $85, plus $15 shipping.

Why Only Used Containers?

New shipping containers typically come equipped with lock boxes, so if you were to win one it's likely that you'd have a very awkward 15 lbs. paper weight. Used shipping containers are coming out of a 10-12 year life on the high seas and shipping lines rarely have lock boxes installed on their owned or leased fleets. If you'd like more of an explanation, read more in this article “New and Used Shipping Containers - What's the Difference?

I Didn't Buy a Container, How to I Register to Win?

As with any give away, no purchase is required. To sign up either email us at with the subject line "Lock Box Give Away", Tweet us the same message, or send us a message through Facebook. All entrants are treated equally and everyone has the same chance of winning. is an online marketplace for new and used shipping containers. The company works directly with shipping lines around the world to help remarket their new and used shipping containers. also offers software packages to assist container lines and lessors to more efficiently market their used equipment. Read here to learn more about is a subsidiary of The organization produces lock boxes, vents, and other aftermarket container parts and sells directly through the online store at

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