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Shipping Container Mini-Storage

08.08.2016 - Posted by Updated On 08.08.2016    

If you’re running out of storage space for your home or business, shipping containers make a great solution for mini-storage. They’ve grown in popularity over the last few years, and while used shipping containers are very common and inexpensive, new (one trip) shipping containers are having features built into them to make them even easier to use for storage. Both new and used shipping containers are secure, durable, transportable, and require no construction period.

Mini-storage Security

shipping container ministorage 40' Shipping containers naturally have no windows, and doors only at one end. These two features, aside from the fact that they’re built out of COR-TEN steel, means they are very hard to break into. To break into a shipping container you’ll either need to cut a hole in one of the sites, or pry or saw open the locking mechanism. If you want to increase your mini-storage security you can also add a bolt on lock box.

Mini-Storage Durability

Wooden sheds or aluminum pole barns are nice and inexpensive, but over time and in harsh weather conditions they can wear out, rot, or just begin to fall apart. A steel shipping container has very few components and all of them were designed to take the harshest abuse on the open seas.

No Construction Period

Need to increase your storage capacity quickly? Building a wooden or concrete takes time and could have a permitting process that you need to deal with. Having a wooden shed delivered can be quick, but you’ll still need to build a solid foundation for it to sit on and could have permitting issues. The alternative option is a shipping container. In most cases a shipping container can be delivered in under a week, and may not require any permits depending on where you need it. shipping container ministorage

Transportable Storage Space

Is there a chance you’ll need storage at another location? If you’re using a shipping container for mini-storage you can just have the delivery company or a truck come to pick it up and move it to the new spot. Don’t need the extra storage space anymore? Sell the entire container to someone that does.

There are a few differences (aside from price) between new and used shipping containers, and depending on your needs either one may work. Used shipping containers will most likely be branded with a corporate identity of the leasing company or shipping line, while new containers are typically tan or white. Also, new shipping containers come with some cool features like easy open doors and grease fittings to keep things moving easily. Follow the link to read more about some of the features of new shipping containers.

If you’re planning a new mini-storage facility, or just need some extra space around your home, farm, or ranch, the sellers on can help you find the best containers at the best possible price. Feel free to contact any of them through the listings on the website, or if you don’t see any containers for sale in your area you can complete the request form someone will reach out to you to go over what you need.

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