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Shipping Container Rental Business

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Storage rental is a booming industry, and if you have the space and capital investment it's not hard to step into the business by using shipping containers for storage units. There are two general types of storage business models that can be started, or if you can find one for sale you can hit the ground running.

What You Need to Start

Before you can get into any business, you need to have a good. We previously wrote an article titled "How to Start a Storage Company (with Shipping Containers)" which is a good place to start. As for physical investments, you may need to purchase a truck and trailer to make deliveries, or you could start by outsourcing that to a local towing company. If you're planning an off-site storage company you'll need to start with a couple of shipping containers.

  • Truck and trailer (but can be outsourced)
  • Shipping containers for off-site storage


storage container rental


On-site Storage

On site storage is from the perspective of the customer, the container is stored "on their site". An on-site storage company is easier to step into because as you win customers you can quickly purchase a shipping container and have it delivered to their location and you can begin collecting rental income.

Off-Site Storage or Secured Location Storage

Off-site storage can generate more income than on-site, but it requires a greater investment and infrastructure. Off-site storage is popular in areas with higher population density and less available land. To start the company you'll need a piece of land, and a couple of shipping containers to start. As the occupancy grows you can incrementally add more and more containers to support more and more customers. For off-site storage you may not need to invest in a truck and trailer.

New and used shipping containers can be purchased and quickly deployed into action for all types of storage facilities. is an online marketplace to help buyers find shipping containers for sale. No matter if it's a new or used container, 20' or 40' high cube, active sellers on the platform can help get your business up and running quickly. To learn more about a specific unit for sale you can ask questions directly to the seller on the listing page, or contact the staff and they'll point you in the right direction.


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