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Shipping Container Rental Businesses

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Shipping container rental businesses are growing in popularity for many reasons, and as the need for extra storage grows more people and businesses will be looking for a scalable, cost effective method to supply the need of the end consumer. No matter if it's a delivery business where the container sits on the users site (on-site storage), or if it's a business model that keeps all of the containers on a single site and provides some security features, there are some obvious benefits to using shipping containers for a rental business. The four that come to mind first are scalability, cost efficiency, durability, and multiple exit strageties.

Expandable/Scalable Growth Options

Using shipping containers for an on or off site rental business is ideal because it allows for gradual, "as needed" expansion. Unlike traditional construction which is more cost effective to be built all at one time, shipping containers can be added over a period of time which will allow for your business to grow without a large up front capital investment. Once all, or nearly all, of the units are full and rented, more can be added incrementally.

Cost Effective Deployment

Construction and the build out is one of the largest costs in building any new company. It's an upfront cost that can't be avoided, and it all needs to be paid at the time of completion, or in some cases before. Using shipping containers in a rental business allows the owner to have all of the facility built off site, thus saving a bulk of the construction cost. At its heart, it's similar to modular housing construction that creates a high quality building at a central location, and is delivered and assembled on site. The workers and tools don't need to be moved around, and the only onsite preparation is the foundation for the structure.

Long Term Durability

Shipping containers are essentially steel boxes with little/no technology incorporated into them. There has been talk of adding different tracking features to use while shipping, but for the end user that's interested in storage, those features are meaningless. Unlike a wood frame structure that needs periodic repair and maintenance, a steel box needs limited year on year attention and can last a life time without fear of rotting or pest instruction. shipping container rentals

Multiple Exit Strategies

shipping container rentals A shipping container rental business can be sold in several ways. If the owner decides that it is time to exit the industry, either due to retirement or other reasons, they have a few options. The two most obvious are to either sell off the entire fleet of containers as a single unit and take a lump sum payment, or they could sell the shipping containers one by one and gradually exit as it suits them best. An owner of a fixed site storage facility doesn't have this option and must sell the entire structure as a single unit. is an online marketplace for users to sell and buy shipping containers. It operates no rental facilities directly, but many of the sellers and buyers on the platform are shipping container rental companies and leasing companies from around the world. If you have any questions about a specific container for sale you may contact the seller directly through the listing page. If you have a general question about where to get started you're welcome to contact the staff directly.

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