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Shipping Container Restrooms

25.08.2017 - Posted by Updated On 25.08.2017    

A current shipping container trend that's been noticed around the United States is converting new containers in public restrooms for parks, concert venues, seasonal festivals, and many other similar locations. Shipping container restrooms install quickly, are highly customizable, and provide a low maintenance facility.

Quick Installation

All of the construction and assembly takes place off site, so once the construction is complete it's taken to the location and connected to the site. All of the electrical, plumbing, and finish work takes place in one location which means minimal impact to the location, an especially important consideration if the location is a national park or high traffic area.

Customizable Construction

There are countless options and available when the container restroom is built off site.  It can be built to connect to existing sewer and water lines, or it can be designed to have built in waste water and fresh water tanks. The situation is the same with electric, options can be provided for a generator, electric grid connection, or solar paneling on the roof.

Low Maintenance

Unlike a wood frame construction facility, a steel shipping container isn't going to rot and decay at the rate of wood restroom facility. More so, the inside of the container is much harder to damage or destroy than dry wall.

shipping container restroom

Other Points to Consider

  • Depending on how long the restroom facility is needed, building a traditional restroom facility may not be an option, which would be the case with a short term requirement.
  • Maintenance and repair could be easier for a container when compared to a wood sided facility. If the bathroom structure is vandalized with spray paint the container can easily be repainted, wood siding would need to be replaced.
  • Intoxicated people can punch through dry wall, not steel.
  • Violent crowds will struggle to flip over a 20' shipping container. is an online marketplace where you can buy new and used shipping containers. Active sellers list 20' shipping containers, 40' and 40' high cube shipping containers, and several other sizes. does not perform actual modification work to the containers, but can usually direct you to a local organization that can.

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