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Shipping Container Sheds

15.05.2016 - Posted by Updated On 15.05.2016    

If you're in need of additional storage space, both residential and commercial, consider using a shipping container as a shed instead of building one. Speed (or construction time), cost, and security are three of the key features that will have your outbuilding up and functional quickly and easily.

First off, if you purchase a new or used shipping container with the intent of using it as a shed, there's essentially no building time. You order the container, and once it's delivered and set on the ground it's completely functional as a storage shed. Unlike a traditional wood frame shed which could take a week or more to build, once the design is set and all of the materials are purchased, a shipping container is a turnkey solution.

There are limited costs associated with a new or used shipping container, once the initial purchase is made it's, for the most part, a one off cost. And given the current price of shipping containers you could have a shipping container shed on site for less than $1000 for a used container, or $2500 for a new shipping container shed. The cost of materials, time and labor on a wood frame shed will exceed that amount quickly, even if you plan on doing the construction yourself. Most storage sheds start at 20' long, but if you're looking for additional space there are options for 40' containers, which are even more cost effective and priced less than 2x 20' containers. shipping container shed
shipping container shed New and used shipping containers are highly secure. They're made of CORTEN steel and have heavy locking cams on both doors. If a would-be thief wants to break in to the container shed they'll need a torch or loud saw to cut through either the side of the container or the doors; a wood frame shed can have exposed weak spots that can be pried or cut into quietly. Also, in the event of a fire a steel container shed won't burn, unlike a wood structure.

If you're interested in how to buy a shipping container shed, new or used, feel free to search the listings on and find a shipping container in your area, or complete the request form and one of our registered sellers will contact you with the details on how to get you one at the best possible price. Shipping container sheds are quick to purchase and install, very cost effective, and highly secure units. If you have general questions about purchasing a container, feel free to contact the staff directly.

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